Dancers wanted .....Come on over and give it a go 


Our music  is  to help bring  bring the Spirit of Brazil to any party or Fete or procession,

However that's only part of the story . so , now we arehopefully into " sunny " weekends just around the corner , We thought we should put a call out for any one that knows , or can suggest people that might like to " Samba up " for the summer and Dance with us. send us an email if you are interested 


We have some ladies that can show you how . drop us a line via our contact page 


You may already be a belly Dancer, ballroom dancer, Zumba,Burlesque dancer. or  just like the idea of " feathering up " and embraceing the carnival spirit

Sometimes  at the front of it all. Sometimes if you want, drumming as well . Always fun....