Town Show and Family Fun Day - Littlehampton Sept 11th
We are delighted that the 2021 Littlehampton Town Show and Family Fun Day is planned to go ahead on 11th September 2021.


Have you always thought about joining our band? Come and have a chat with us in the marquee. Make 2021 the year you pick up a new hobby.

Whether you join us or decide to wait a week or two, we look forward to seeing you there. The show boasts excellent family entertainment, superb performances and high-quality stalls and other fantastic things on offer at the Town Show


We will bring a bit of a Samba beat to the proceedings with a performance in the afternoon, which should be at 14.15 for 1/2 hour.  Always good to perform on home ground to our home crowd.



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Horticulture, art, Music, Fancy dress, dance, cheerleaders, a sunny day &  a local samba band, what more could we have asked for.....and we had " Hampton the Hamster" as well  

Sometimes out to support Charities, we play everywhere from Local Processions to world record-holding events and everywhere in between. 

Pride events, Pirate days, Carnivals, workshops, team-building exercises, Bonfires and anywhere that  wants a samba beat 

If you have read through this far. don't forget to ask the boys and girls at the event about the  free to attend session  " next  week " if you do want to have a go ( spaces are limited )