we helped the BBC complete a task ... ...BBC Radio Sussex came to see us

so there we were at the Littlehampton town show this morning, Just getting set up for what turned out to be a great event for us.

The event hadn't really got into full swing and it was still before midday when one of the reporters from BBC Sussex who was doing her article on the event came past with a challenge or a task that she had to complete she had quite a few but we were able to help her to be recognised as a scarecrow

This is obviously a little bit of a strange thing and not the sort of thing that you expect when you're in a samba band but the people who were there all helped in the best way they could and I think the lady had a good time

We had a lot of interest on the stand from people who seem to quite like what we were doing and we hope that some of them will turn up for the week session that we are doing on Thursday which is free to anyone that was there as long as a register and I guess now that's the close to the summer season of coming until the bonfire season starts in a few weeks time

Of course it's about a whole lot more than just us and the BBC and a lady looking like a scarecrow there was all sorts going on on day and here is one of the links to some of the amazing pictures that were taken. www.instagram.com/p/CT2LV34s5MP/?utm_medium=copy_link

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