it's all about the social side of things ...and the drumming of course

So if you were thinking of coming to play with us..... So that you can enjoy the bonfires next year... The likes of Hastings, Littlehampton and the events that the other societies run... Check out rehearsals page make contact with us and we will see you soon

This was just one of those random " stick an arm out, point it down the table shots "

It's here just to show that from a group

of 35+ drummers when there is an AMAZING day to attend. We muster up. get in the bus and off we go . a group of what were once strangers who can sit and have a meal together, chat, drink ( not all boozing ) and relax together. Some "Auld drummers" like the blogger, some, a lot younger. All ages and genders.

And yes. a special shout out to the venue and hospitality we receive from NUR restaurant in Hastings, that's why we go back.

We had the advantage this year of a "Pre-lunch " busk up at one of hastings finest pubs the Jenny Lind. Whilst we may not be the traditional Pub Band. we are a friendly Bunch, and when a little extra opportunity presents itself to share what we do, we grab it

Heres to Hastings in 2022 when we hope we will return for the Pirate day event for Captain Anton and his team, as it should be, in the summer and then once again we will grace the bonfire procession for the Bonfire society -

The whole reason we went over, and WHAT A DAY ....Thank you hastings for a great day , heres to meeting up for a YAAAAR

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