If you've got a Blue Pumpkin, come to have a drum...you don't need to bring it with you.


This has been for Celebration Samba and an amazing yet kind of strange year and as it's almost drawing to a close may be time for a little bit of reflection and of course a very very very simple question?

Would you know what to do if somebody pointed you in the direction of a blue pumpkin?

This blogger who loves bonfires loves Christmas loves, carnivals processions workshops and everything else that Celebration Samba gets involved with certainly didn't know about blue pumpkins and I also was unaware that there was such a connection to our band through them

We are an inclusive band we have people from all sections of the community we have young people we have pensioners, we have married couples we have fathers and sons and daughters, Mums, GrandMa's we have Great grandparents. Members of the LGBTQ+ community, we have people of different races, we have able-bodied, those who are less able so we are pretty inclusive if a little eclectic

But still we didn't know or at least the blogger didn't know what blue pumpkin signified

Just take it from this article that if you see one or you see a small child or trick or treater with one go and engage with them make a fuss of them but do it respectfully and do it with their parents or their guardian's consent because what the blue pumpkin signifies is amazing.

I'm so sorry if you've read this all the way through and we're hoping that I would tell you what the blue pumpkin signifies I think you should probably have a look at this webpage because that explains it far better than I can

Come and have a go once blue pumpkin season is clear, it moves on to whizzy bangs, then its all ABOUT THE BAUBLES( Blue or other wise )

. Our events are here

see you soon, and remember, " stay safe during blue pumpkin season "

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