Once again, we made the papers.....ahead of the event

We don't consider ourselves to be really really photogenic but it's nice when one of our local newspapers uses us for the picture for one of our local events

And this year we will have to up our game, we have been given the honour of leading the procession

The local gazette always gets to the events near our #hometown. And this weekend,in Littlehampton and next. In and worthing to have bonfire celebrations.

If you are in this part of the world, come and say hi

the details of the how you can be at the Littlehampton gig for 2022 are here

Just up the road from us, Just what we need after Lockdown.

An opportunity to lead the procession for One of the Bands favourite Bonfire Celebrations.

A procession, and an amazing Bonfire. full details are as follows, all we know is we are leading this Amazing event

Get this one in your Diary, It's an amazing event and for full information, check out the organiser's Facebook Page . we will be up the front of the procession and easy to spot . Judging starts at 5.30 so if you want to come and say hi before we start at 7.00 let us know .

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