Littlehampton Bonfire 2021, Just Wow

Just up the road from our #hometown, a crisp and threatening to be damp October Evening. A long event for us , but one that we all adored ( despite the little bit of Rain )

We Gathered "just after sundown " for a spot of face painting, because you have to when you are doing a local Bonfire, Sorted out lights, Flags, Make sure we had the amazing Dancing Pirate ladies " up the front ". and then off to be Judged.

Did we mention that we were Position 01 in the parade? Drummed for about 1/2 an hour to a gathering crowd, tried our very best to impress the judges. we did OK, we got a prize, and as we were beaten by an amazing group that inspires confidence in children, we didn't mind not winning. We applauded them. Cos they were so Good ...

It's almost the end of the bonfire season for another year, just the Home town fireworks to look forward to at the end of the week, and that's always a great event.

If you fancy coming along , let us know or , and here a big offer, get in ahead of all the new year's resolutions, and come and have a drum with us

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