Just a bit of an update

Now that we are getting back to some kind of normal it seems like a good idea to let the followers of this blog know so as a band we have put a whole lot of events on our page

we've given opportunities where you can register if you're going to come and see us and you can also tell all your friends about the events that you're coming to see us out via your social media

We have also added another come along and have a go session but you'll have to be quick to register for this one because spaces are strictly limited

The events that we are queuing up I'll going into next year and when you think where we were this time 12 months ago it seems unreal that we can have so many gigs lined up but we hope to see you at them where you come and see us whether you come and run with us already just watch his Go passing in a possession

We might even end up repeating some of the amazing new pride gigs that we have done this year

Drop us an email to info@celebration samba

.co.uk if you do want to join us or you do want any more information about booking us

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