It's Just Soooo good to be back doing what we do best for the Bank holiday. Fancy a go?

None of us can say " Covid, What Covid " as we were all in some way affected by it. We may have had to Move events, We may have lost Family Members, We may even still be suffering the " long " effects.

As a Band, we put all rehearsals on hold, All gigs were cancelled, and Basically, the drumming Stopped. Slowly and with Small steps the rehearsals started up, the drums were to be heard on a Thursday again.

The gigs Started up and we had the amazing Pirate Gallivant in hastings, we had a Team building workshop that went well, And then we went up the road to Crawley

to play for the people at the fusion Festival. We had a hometown gig to shout about our town

And now we have the bank holiday just around the Corner and whilst there is not an Arundel Festival for us in 2021 as it had to scale down,

The same goes for the Illuminated procession in Bognor. we have a busy weekend ahead of us

A Hometown Carnival to open, and a new one for us, back up the road for Crawley Pride 2021.

So why are we telling you this, You may think that you fancy joining us, no need to wait for January to start a new hobby off, there is always the bonfire season to look forward to, and we already have 3 in the pipeline

See you sometime soon for a drum, You never know, you may enjoy it and its cost nothing to come along and have a try. just let us know in advance

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