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Updated: Dec 17, 2019

5th November 2019 – Worthing Firework Display It was a clear and crisp evening and there was a wonderful community atmosphere in Worthing on 5th November for the Firework Display. Celebration Samba played for an hour before the main event, the majority of the time on the steps of the Pavillion Theatre, plus we also did a mini parade partway up South Street so that the Worthing Lions Volunteers

could rattle their charity buckets amongst the crowd that had gathered to watch us. There was a lovely feel-good factor within the band and within the crowd. We played some of “our greatest hits” and there were a lot of smiles, dancing, cheers and applause. I hope the Worthing Lions who organise this event raised lots of monies for local good causes. Noisy – Colourful – Loud – Sparkling – Bang – Sizzle – Pop – Fizz – Wow! All are words that are applied to fireworks, and we like to believe can be equally applied to Celebration Samba.

An entertaining evening 😊.

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