Hoist a Jolly Roger, pick up drum Sticks, and YAAAARRR - Hastings Pirate day 2019

Well, what a swashbuckling, shiver- me - timbers Piratey welcome Celebration Samba received, when we we set foot on the shores of sunny Hastings today, for its annual jamboree of all things sea-faring.

Our Pirate Day began with a saunter along the seafront, playing as we strolled. The town was awash with pirates of every size, shape, age and appearance, along with real parrots,

...Its not just small children that like to pirate, big kids like to play , And hastings has a whole town full on Pirate day

dressed mobility scooters and the odd Jack Sparrow( well, tons actually).

We joined our fellow samba players in a parade around town, followed by a world record-breaking attempt to build the biggest human ship(shape) , captured by an overhead drone.

The highlight of our day was the massive drum jamming session, where Celebration Samba joined in a jamboree of 13 drumming bands. Splendid and massive sounds indeed.

A brisk samba stop outside the Jenny Lind pub, and our footsore foot tappers headed homeward, beaters aloft. So Many Pirates, so many Great pictures.

Yaaah. What fun. Roll on next year

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