High Praise indeed...and that's the Christmas season started

Nice and simple this blog post. we will give you a full article to follow with pictures. Just wanted to share some feedback with you all from last weekends procession.

We had a good time, lots of smiles. just chilly enough to remind us that it's winter, what a nice surprise...

" Please can you pass on a massive Thank You to all of Celebration Samba for their part in the Christmas Celebrations? What a great turnout for the workshop. The atmosphere was fantastic and you really got the crowd involved."

There will be a couple more opportunities to come to see us before Christmas, just check out www.celebrationsamba.co.uk/events or come and have a drum with us

See you soon

And for those that asked, the tune you played was popcorn

On Saturday 20th November, the band - decked in festive gear - headed to East Preston to join in with the village’s all-day Christmas celebrations. Some of us gathered in Kerry’s Tea Room for drinks before meeting everyone outside for the drumming workshop. Lots of kids were handed a drum and slotted between the veteran players - some parents joined in on the fun too! The session - led by Kyle - was focused on learning one of our pieces, a band favourite called ‘Popcorn’. We spent a while learning to play on the beat and to start and stop at the correct times: the kids got so excited to play that they forgot to look out for the

mestre’s (bandleader) signals!

But by the end of the session, everyone had learnt the rhythms and all of us performed in front of a large crowd of families and curious passers-by. Shortly afterwards, the band got into formation and processed down Sea Road, headed gracefully by our dancing angel and "founding father of the band ", Janice, who was covered in fairy lights. We came to a halt beside the village green and served as a lively introduction to the short but sweet firework display before processing back up the road. We were thrilled to be met with a large and enthusiastic audience on such a lovely crisp day - what a great way to kick off the Christmas season!

So if you think your event would benefit from maybe some kind of joining in session let us know and we can work something out. let us know what you think you would like to try ...

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