Hastings Pirate gallivant 17/7/2021

So whilst we still had a cocked "tricorn red fluffy hat" looking at the covid restrictions and obviously, we took these into consideration on the day.

On Saturday 17th of July 2021, Celebration Samba jumped into a minibus jumped into their cars and made the trip Eastward to the Guinness world record-holding Hastings pirate day event

it had to be a little bit different this year given the former restrictions that we are hopefully coming out of but the organizers still managed to throw an absolutely amazing three-day pirate festival we were very lucky that we got invited over.

we got to perform three times on the end of the pier we also got to perform with the mighty raven drummers and if you saw us.

And you saw them and you've got any pictures, by all means, send them across to us and we'll be happy to publish them

This is an event that we sincerely hope happens next year celebration samba have been to it in one way or another so I think about the last 6 years and each year it just gets better and better and better

Thank you, Captain Anton, First mate Alan, the mighty Raven drummers, to rattle bag that we followed for our first session, with their shanties. and all those that cheered us, Gave a" Yaar " and came to say Hi on the day

see Y'all for a "Yaaaar" next year we hope.

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