Hastings Bonfire - The main event

So here it is, extracted from our " Mestre " ...Couldn't have put it better .....

Thank you Hastings......

"Good morning all!

Wow, what a night! At one point we thought we might be about to get very rained on, but the weather held for us this year, thankfully!

We started off with face paints on the hill ( Bloggers observation, why is it that it takes more facepaint for old fellas than it does for ladies to end up looking nowhere near as good )...followed by an excellent performance outside the Jenny Lind Inn, complete with blocking the traffic at one point.

The Inn treated us with a round of drinks (the beginning of a slippery slope for many of us!).

After dinner, we were straight( bloggers note - a slow walk after the amazing meal some of us had just had and a little further dutch courage ) out to “Lamppost G” in a very Bonfire esq typically organised procession, with no sign of “Newick bonfire society” that was supposed to be next to us. Nonetheless, we lined up and set up.

( Bloggers note - I knew we would be ok when I heard the dulcet tones of " first mate Alan, Part of the Pirate day team, how lucky were we ?)

So back to the main event :

Particular thanks to Ruth for bringing glow sticks, spare batteries and lots of enthusiasm to her first performance! Also well done to Olga for her first bonfire, and I believe Wendy for her first Hastings! Well done to Debbie for keeping tally of the numbers (not an easy job!) and to Chris for organising the event for us of course. Lastly, thank you to Andy for driving - without the minibus, many of us would not have been able to attend. Very much appreciated!

I hope you all had a wonderful time, it was a bit intense as always - I’m very glad we weren’t too near the firecrackers when they set them off this year on the corner! Thank you for taking the time to come to such a fantastic day in our calendar."

Some of the ladies & gents will recognise themselves in the pictures from what was a very long day, but well worth every second

and just for the record ......our Mestre

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