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Good news - Hastings pirate Day 2019 is on ....Chance to be part of sa world record , YAAAARRR

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Hastings Pirate Day - 2019 Sunday 14th July, Before I Joined Celebration Samba, I wasnt even aware that there were " Pirate Days " .,

The good people of Hastings “Yarrrrr" Hosting their Annual Pirate day once again and if its anything like last years, Celebration samba is pleased to be part of it and look forward to seeing you on the day. This will be our 5th year at the event and each year seems to get bigger and if it can, better than the year before

See you there

Full details of the events and processions will follow at the organiser’s site. Links are on our page

so much going on on the day. This isn't just about Us, there are so many bands, performers, and most important, Pirates of all shapes, ages and sizes 

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