Don't get enough exercise?

Many of us don’t exercise our bodies enough. We all know about the risks that this poses to our health, mobility and lifespan.

Can’t get motivated to join a gym? Put off by the cost of joining a gym? Worried about gym membership cancellation fees?

• Want to have fun while you exercise?

• Join our Brazilian-style percussion band Celebration Samba and forget that you're


• Drumming (hitting instruments) is an exercise, and many of us naturally dance while hitting our instruments.

• We practice weekly on Thursday evenings at the Ivy Arch Studios, Worthing.

• We normally also do over 10 public performances per year which involve varying degrees of walking (more exercise) while we play.

• Each member has a free choice about which event to perform in, and you pay nothing for each performance and nothing for being transported there.

• We have attended events in Hastings, and as far as Salisbury, as well as Worthing.

• The cost of attending rehearsals after the free trial week is £5 for 1 week, or £50 for 3 months, or £150 for 1 year.

This is typically less than half the cost of being a member of a gym. Most of the money goes to the rehearsal room. The band sometimes receives modest expenses from event organisers. This money is used for things like free transport.

• Gym users need special equipment such as clothes. Our equipment is our drums and our performance uniform.

Some instruments are provided free by the band; if you settle on playing a bigger instrument, the cost of buying it is about £40 to £90. Our current t-shirt and jacket total about £30. We currently perform in white trousers/jeans on some occasions and black ones in winter.

Cheaper and easier than other types of music

• The cost to us of performing our music is cheaper than other kinds of amateur music - adequate-quality instruments, drumskins and sticks for our style are not expensive compared to things like steel pans, trumpets, good guitar strings or violin bow hairs.

We do not use any type of backing tracks or loudspeakers.

• Our music does not use note pitches like “middle C” or “F#”. We generally play just one instrument at a time.

With most instruments, you don’t need a specific technique to play the instrument, and it’s easy to hit the instrument.

• A lighter instrument provides gentler exercise.

• Our band ethos is not to try to compete with other bands, but to enjoy ourselves!

• The name of our style is Samba Reggae. It’s one of the many types of Brazilian music and is similar to sounds from the Rio Carnival procession.

• Email us at

• Further info at

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