....and this, from one of the founding fathers of the band

so we ask you to look at our rehearsals page ( no link this time ) and to think about joining us. to commit to coming along each week and learning something new, to see the benefits that we think drumming will give you.

This one is a little bit different because we asked some of the drummers " why do you drum" and their answers are as below ( as they produced them ) so if any of this resonates with you, drop us a line

" Yes, I have had serious Music lessons from an early age but playing in a Samba band has taught me more! When (many years ago) I heard the sound of drums being tuned and tried, I went closer and found Celebration Samba. The feedback we enjoy when performing in parades and entertaining crowds is our big reward for hours of rehearsing. But along the way, we have to have teamwork and friendship and the love of being part of something big. Far bigger than being a soloist in any other Choir or band I have met. Drumming feels good for drummers and dancers alike, whatever kind of day we have had. Samba must’ve saved me thousands of hours of Therapy!"

.....and from another drummer, another perspective on the " why " from one of our best pirates

"I have been in Celebration Samba now for about three years, four years in April. I saw the band for a few years at different events and each time I saw the band I kept saying to myself I would love to give it a go as it looked so much fun but also because the drumming beats gave those watching a lift! I waited on friends to come with me to a practice session but for different reasons, it didn’t happen. I decided I couldn’t keep waiting and took the plunge to go on my own to practice. Although I felt anxious walking into the group on my own I very quickly felt at ease all the band members were so welcoming and it didn’t matter that I hadn’t played before as I was guided and helped to learn the rhythms. I still need help and guidance at times but that’s ok. I would encourage anyone to give it a go, if you are interested in drumming I’m so very, very glad I did !"

And of course there are those who are returning to us, here's a few lines from one such drummer

"I used to be in my local Army Cadet band when I was a kid which I loved. I loved being part of a team, the events that we did and the enjoyment that I got from seeing people enjoying watching us preform. So, I’m now older (a lot) and have time on my hands now my son has grown up. I also suffer from depression which makes life a little difficult at times but, now I’ve joined the Celebration Samba Family, it’s brought back all those feelings that I had when I was a kid in cadets. The camaraderie, the laughs and the enjoyment of playing for others to enjoy. I’m having a lot less dark days. I recently took part in the Littlehampton Bonfire Parade and I felt so happy and even got a bit emotional as it brought all the happy memories and feelings from when I was at Cadets. The Celebration Samba crew are like a big family, they are a great lot of people who I love banging a drum with. Long may it continue."

So as you can see from all the comments above and the one below it really does take all sorts to make up a samba band everybody's welcome no one person is any better than any other and using the words of other people it all seems like it's quite a bit of fun

So here's a few words from one of the veterans that plays in our band..

". Being mentally and physically disabled, drumming gives me an outlet to escape from everyday pressures. I have been drumming for almost 7 years and each rehearsal is just as much fun as the first rehearsal. The band one big happy family and welcomes anyone who wants to play with open arms whatever their circumstances. Not only does playing in the band give me so much pleasure. We have, hopefully, enlightened the lifves of countless thousands of spectators. So don't put off coming along. Just do it."

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