A day out in Crawley, And the return of one of the founding " fathers" ..not a bad day

So today 7/8/2021 we headed up to what promised to be a cool Gig. In support of Crawley Borough Council. organised by the good people of Cohesion+

The chance to clout or drums on what we hoped would be a hot summers day. and to join with other amazing acts on the bill.

Well, we had the other acts, we had the good people of Crawley to play for, and we had the drums. Our Bandleader was on top form. The weather just about held off for the day .

We made our way to the Bandstand( after a coffee to calm our nerves ). and once the steel pan players had finished we got to drum

It's weird, but we were joined by the man, who originally set up Celebration Samba with his wife. all those years ago. Former bandmaster and as far as all things drumming goes, Mr enthusiasm...Not to come in and take over, but just to fall into the ranks and drum. we guess it must be true that people do enjoy drumming and it does get into your soul after a while...

anyhow, the details of the event were as below and having had such a good reception again from the people of Crawley, we hope that this won't be the last we hear from the people that sorted the event

We weren't "pirating " and we weren't in Pride colours for this event but as an inclusive band that doesn't restrict race, gender, ability or otherwise we are pleased to support this type of event that encourages #fusion in the community for all

And the opportunity at the end of the day to be performing in the main town square of Crawley, with the Bhangra dancers and the Blue guys walking around. In glorious sunshine, with a crowd chanting back to us .... what's not to like.

If you have any pictures or videos from the day. send them down to us, or if you fancy having a go, remember we are only down the road in worthing and you are welcome to come along to a rehearsal session or 5 and be ready to join us for the up and coming bonfire season

To Gurvinder & Co, from celebration Samba, a massive thank you for looking after us and a cool day

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