2021- The Year we turn 18.

18 years ago, in the time before Covid, One man and his wife decided to set up a Band. Sort of" one man and his drum "

To paraphrase a very famous speech

" no one would have believed " that a band could have a whole season with only 1 performance. But we did last year and we know that having fun and "carnival wasn't exactly top of peoples lists

So as we start our 18th year, we hope that we can drum soon, and we hope that if you want us at your event, the restrictions will allow us to play safely

Most importantly though, we hope that you all stay safe through this.

We are 18 Now, we cant have a party and we can not parade. we can't even have a cake and blow the candles out. But we know why, and we fully respect the decision.

However, what we can do is invite you ( when restrictions allow ) to come and join us for a drum.

See what the little old band, that Ivan & Jan set up all those years Ago, do for some of Entertainment

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