Edenbridge Bonfire Society . . it's what makes Edenbridge famous and we were  so pleased to be a part of it 

Preserving the age old Edenbridge tradition of Bonfire as an up to date night out for thousands the girls and boys at Edenbridge invited some of our band to last years party, it was absolutely amazing, and this year  we are to Drum 

This annual Bonfire Night celebration is held on the nearest Saturday to 5th November (the date of the infamous Gunpowder Plot of 1605) and is by far and above the biggest event in the Edenbridge calendar. The Daily Express calls it "the World Famous Bonfire Party!" 

The town’s inns, restaurants and shops will be in party mood all day and ready to serve the influx of visitors. Roads in and out of the town will be closed at 6.00pm and the party itself begins at 6.30pm when a torch lit procession of around 500 people tour through the whole town.


As our tradition dictates, this is led by our Bishop of the Bonfire, his choirboys and the Society’s effigies (Guy Fawkes himself, General Wolfe and Anne Boleyn, with her head tucked underneath her arm!) They will be joined by several other teams from visiting Sussex Bonfire Societies, each wearing their own colorful outfits, along with more than a dozen brightly lit carnival floats, costumed walking parties and plenty of music from the Samba & marching bands.