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                                            Celebration Samba was formed in 2003 by Ivan and Janice.


Ivan first saw a Samba band in 1997 at an event in Hove. He loved the sound and feel of the music so much that he asked if he could join them but, it was not possible for him to join them straight away. Rather than be put off by this setback, Ivan attended several workshops over the next few years and learnt as much as he could about Samba.

Then in 1999, Ivan joined a recently formed Samba band that were based in Shoreham. He played with them for about four years and had even become Mestre. By this point, Ivan and Janice had moved into Worthing and started to think that it would be great if Worthing had its own Samba band. The idea stayed with them until 2002 when they made the decision and took the leap to start up their own Samba band.

In November of 2002, Ivan and Janice started putting the wheels into motion for their new project. They paid for a Samba workshop to see if there would be enough interest in starting up a Samba band, and there was. Seeing that there was enough interest in this project they continued to move ahead in investing in the instruments that they needed and looking for a suitable place where the band could rehearse.

The first Celebration Samba rehearsal took place on January 23rd 2003 at the Sydney Walter Centre. Ivan was the Mestre and Janice played mid-surdo. And, just 3 months later, Celebration Samba had their first gig which took place at Haskins Garden Centre for their grand re-opening.

Since then Celebration Samba have gone from strength to strength playing a variety of gigs at many different places. The band have played carnivals and festivals, even church parades!

Although Ivan and Janice have since retired from running the band they still come along and play with Celebration Samba. Ivan occasionally goes up front to Mestre and you will find Janice at the back playing her surdo.

Celebration Samba have been going for just over 19 years now and we hope to continue for many more years to come.