Well, 2022 has got off to a great start.

We have decided, after a few years of our traditional uniform of red and white, to liven it up a bit.

A vote was put forward and the majority of the band decided on a Hawaiian theme. So, Hawaiian shirts and dresses are the new us but, we are sticking to the red and white theme. We liked to be seen as well as heard.

Talking about being seen, we are starting to get booked up for lots of events this year which, after the last couple of years, will be great. We have all missed getting together at large events and playing. Seeing the way the crowds react when we play is one of the things that makes it so fun and enjoyable. Check out our events page to see where we will be playing and come along. The events page will be updated with new bookings on a regular basis so, please keep checking it out.

2022 has also been the start for some of the band members to try out something new. They are trying their hand at being the Mestre. This is, for those that don't know, the person that is in charge of the band. They tell the band via various hand signals, stick signals and whistle blows what the band will be playing, the speed, the volume etc. It is not an easy task and we wish them luck with this new venture. 

Year 2022 is looking bright and busy. We look forward to seeing you at our events throughout the year.

Celebration Samba