Chichester Rugby Club, City Walls Rugby long pass world record attempt....


What a long title,  but its worth it for  such  a Major Event to be playing at ,its got all the boxes ticked.....A world record attempt by the girls and boys of  CHICHESTER RUGBY CLUB


The Guinness record attempt  will be On Sunday the 6th September.The rugby club are attempting to break a Guinness World record for the longest continuous ¾ line pass in excess of 2.5 miles.

With hundreds of players, supporters, and media from far and wide the City Walls Pass will start at 10:00am from the home of CRFC Oaklands Park and go in to the City along the North Walls and then via the Cross back to Pitch One outside our clubhouse Oaklands Pavilion.



Celebration samba are so pleased to be "playing the balls off on their journey, and playing them back in" 

With the world cup  coming  to the UK , this  certainly is A big year for rugby in fact 2015 promises to be rugby’s biggest year, from 10 June to 31 October people everywhere will be able to get involved and celebrate rugby through the Festival of Rugby 2015.



Not quite sure if we will be able to be involved in the passing, but the drummings going to be Fun 


from the organisers website  " Celebration Samba will be making some noise with drums, snares, sudos, bells, tams and shakers in Oaklands Park near Pitch One and the Oaklands Pavilion clubhouse. Celebration Samba is a thirteen year old drumming band but unlike its teen years suggest the Samba music band has over 30 members of all ages moving and shaking; and yes of course making some sweet Samba music for us all to enjoy."    so no pressure there then


Thanks to the team from ITV that were on hand to film the event, Such a shame that the club didnt get the long pass record " this time " 




and its nice to get feedback from the organisers......"A huge thank you to the Samba guys and galls and to Sean Fletcher from ITV. CRFC has a great day on the park and CS drummers were magnificent. thanks again"