Celebration Samba on " TOR "

It is absolutely amazing to be involved with a samba band,  a bunch of like minded individuals who enjoy Drumming

who go out and perform and try to  make people smile

We dress up like pirates, we dress up for Christmas, we go out and we have fun we  have a social or 2

This year again we went to the Glastonbury carnival as it has to be one of the best in the country


however it was tinged with the little sadness this year has one of our band members is going through a bit of a time at the moment

so we thought we would try and support that band member by climbing the Tor in Glastonbury it's not a big Mountain it's not like an expedition up Everest or  anything like it but it's about 500 feet high it was a cold autumnal day and  5 of us  donned our pirate gear and climbed the Tor

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