a word from the front

Wow - What a fantastic weekend!

We started off on Saturday, opening the first ever Worthing Pride festival - leading the parade down the promenade.

Everything was rainbows, crowds were everywhere & the sun was beating down HOT, but my god was it fun!

Celebration Samba had an outstanding day, even if some of us did end up a little sunburnt!


Next day was an early start to get to the all-day event of Hastings Pirate day!

There were lots of familiar faces from the Isle of Wight Pirate day the previous weekend, including the organizer & his team that do such a lot for this part of the world . ​



So why, you may wonder is this news, well everyone looked splendid in his or her pirate attire - and how magnificent were we for pride anyone would think we had done it before!


Here’s to many more pirate days, Pride processions, Carnivals, Bonfire & parties to come. Chances to dress up are aplenty and if you like the idea  then come and join us 


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