A message from the front.....

Hello there!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Kyle, and I am one of the conductors, or “mestres”, for our drumming sessions.

People have often asked me what I love about drumming so much.

The best answer I can give is: because it is FUN! Drumming is a wonderful way to let out stress. If you’ve ever tapped the steering wheel to the radio, or like to dance in the kitchen, our drumming is for you. After a few sessions you'll have learnt the main rhythms, and really begin to enjoy the sessions!

Drumming has many benefits: it’s good for fitness and health; it can give you a better sleep (you’ll be sooo tired!), and joining our lovely band is a great opportunity to meet new people. We are all so friendly.

Don’t worry about meeting us all either - you’ll spend most of the time drumming, not talking!

Everyone was new once, we all understand that.

Without new members joining, we wouldn’t have a band.

So please drop us an email, and let us know when you’ll be joining in.

See you soon!

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