28/05/2020 Celebration Samba look forward to playing together in the future.

We are watching the government guidelines ( UK )  on social gatherings.

Events marked * are subject to cancellation due to the Coronavirus restrictions

18/03/2020 Corona Virus Update: Celebration Samba has decided to put rehearsal sessions on hold until further notice.

  If you want further information on this or you to have an enquiry around any of the bookings below, please drop us an email or make contact 

Performances  for the 2020 season 


Sun 5th Horsham Children’s Parade* 



Sat 22nd Arundel Festival TBC

Sun 30th Bognor Illuminated Carnival *

Mon 31st   Midhurst Carnival



Wilton Carnival - Procession and Join ins- TBC


Sat 10th Hastings Bonfire



Thu 5th Worthing Fireworks Procession TBC

Sat 21st   East Preston Christmas Lights

Performances  for the 2021 season 


Sat ( TBC )    Bognor Carnival-2021



Sun 18th Hastings Pirate Day-2021

Sat 10th Worthing Pride  - 2021


 Brighton Pride TBC

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