So celebration samba is just about to celebrate its 17th year in 2020.

Sure, in that time there are drummers that have come and gone, there have been some that have come, gone, and come back again.

There is a specific page to tell you all about the band and its history, That's Not the news.


The important " stop press " moment, "Hold the front page" is that whilst its fun to rehearse the tracks we play, as a band we wouldn't be able to perform if it wasn't for you all.


The people that come to see us when we play, the Pirates, fire societies, schools and carnival associations that book us.

The various rotary clubs, The procession organisers and the Churches 

The other bands too many to name that we play with, and enjoy watching and listening to.

The dancers we provide the beat for, those adults and children that join in the workshops we offer.

The cubs, scouts, guides and others that let the children drum and have fun 


Just to say, a big thank you and we look forward to seeing you in 2018


Click here or on the picture, if you have come to see us, or helped in the performance, or been part of the booking team....

17 years old